The Cuckoo Cabana


We started out in spring 2013 with our first 8 silkie day old chicks. We researched the breed and found them to be the best breed for people with children and not to concerned about the amount of eggs we would be getting. When we moved our first flock into the new coop we built for them a raccoon pulled open the cleaning drawer and ate all but one! My oldest daughter Vegas discovered all the left overs and one lone chicken in the morning. I asked her if she was ready to give up on this whole chicken thing? Her reply "Nope, lets get more". We are always learning things the hard way, but we are learning. We have now made the decision to try and make a little money doing something we enjoy! We can offer chickens and chicks that are friendly and well cared for or incubators for hatching them yourselves.

Robert Gonzalez: Complaint Department

Abigail Gonzalez:Chicken Namer & Tamer

Vegas Gonzalez:Chicken Wrangler & Director of Sales and Marketing

Dave and Stacie Gonzalez: Provider and Keeper of chickens and children.